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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Background and introduction:

Self development is taking personal responsibility for one’s own learning and development through a process of assessment, reflection, and taking action. Self development can also be defined as continually update skills and remain marketable in the work place and to determine future career direction.

Strengths and Areas of Development:

As we collect feedback and reflections, we understand our personal strengths and weaknesses or areas of development. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses or areas of development. Successful people build success from their strengths while they limit the negative impact of their weakness. It is much more important to identify our key strengths and leverage these strengths to get closer to the ideal self and to achieve the goals.

After completing Self-Assessment Questionnaire of Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, I identified following as my strengths and areas of developments.

My strengths are:
§  positive outlook
§  achievement oriented
§  organizational awareness
§  conflict management
§  team work
My development areas are:

§  emotional self awareness
§  adaptability
§  emotional self control
§  coach and mentor and
§  Pattern recognition

 I am really proud for my ability to see good in others and in the complex and difficult situation around me. I have a positive outlook and I am achievement oriented and I also can easily understand the situation around me.

While assessing my strength and development areas I tried to be honest with myself therefore I think I have accurately assessed all my strength and development areas.

My Ideal Self:

I want to earn name and fame by doing something which is good not only for me but also for other people around me and for the whole world.  Actually I want to be a person who can help other people selflessly. I feel really satisfied whenever I got the chance to help other people to solve their problem.

I am aiming to be a businessman and a social worker. To be more specific I want to be a CEO of my own company and contribute something to uplift the living standard of the poor people who live in my society and in my country.

When I imagine myself in my ideal future, I see myself surrounded by thousands of people and I find myself helping other people to do something and to solve their problems. I am thinking about how can I understand the problem of other people and help them to overcome the problem by giving something to them or doing something. I also find myself working as a CEO in my own company and developing strategies and developing plan to give right move to the company. I feel satisfied when I find myself helping other people and doing something for the sake of other people.

My real self:

At present, I am an average person and dong my MBA to achieve my goal to be a CEO. I am good at understanding other people’s and my own emotions. I enjoy talking with people, sharing ideas and learning new things. I love to work in team and I always find myself as a good team player.

 I find challenging to adjust in the new environment and place where all people are new and stranger for me. Sometime I find challenging to convince other people who have opposite views than mine and it is difficult for me to encourage others to pursue their dreams, calling or passions. It is also hard for me to offer feedback to other people to improve their performance.

 People see me as hardworking, dedicated, good time manager, optimistic and honest.

I am achievement oriented and I have positive outlook because I always see the positive side of the difficult situation. And I can quickly read key power relationship in my groups, society or in organization.

I have long way to go. There is big gap between what I am right now and what I want to be in the future. I need to welcome big change in my overall personality to be close to my ideal self. I need to improve my areas of development like adaptability, emotional self control, pattern recognition, emotional self awareness, and coach and mentor. I can’t juggle multiple demands smoothly and adopt plans, behavior or approaches to fit major changes in the situation. I feel difficult to deal calmly with stress and it is difficult for me to stay poised and positive, even in difficult moments. Another thing I am unable to do is that I can’t offer feedback to improve other person’s performance. To be the CEO I need to have all this ability to influence other people and motivate them to do their task. Therefore I want to develop all these quality within me to achieve my goal.

My learning agenda

In the light of what I have learned from my profiles, it will be far easy for me to get closer to my ideal self. As I identified my key strengths and my areas of development from my profiles, now I can carefully use and apply those strengths to achieve my goals and seriously examine and study about how can I convert my areas of development into strengths so that I could easily get closer to my ideal self.

Although I have some good strength which can help me to get closer to my ideal self but I rarely apply those strengths to get closer to my ideal self. Now I have to apply those strengths in the real world to get maximum benefit out of it. I can also improve my strength so that it will be helpful for me to get closer to my ideal self.

To work on the gap or to minimize the gap, I need to address my areas of development and convert them into strength. Some of my areas of development like adaptability and emotional self control are extremely important for me to get closer to my ideal self therefore I need to improve these areas of development into strengths and apply those strengths in the real world to achieve my goals and objectives. Most of the time, when I faced with a decision to make or project to plan, I always used to follow a single approach and methods but from today I will try to do these differently. Before doing anything or before deciding about any matter, I will ask myself, is there a different way I could do this? What else could I try? Is there a better way of approaching this? Only then I will proceed. In addition to this, to be more adaptive in the environment I will see how other people like friends or peers, colleagues, tutors respond to different situations and how they handle changing events and circumstances.

My next area of development is coach and mentor. It is the ability to foster the long term learning or development of others. To change this area of development into my strength I will spend time helping people on how they can do their task better, providing them feedback and support. In the near future, I will join the volunteer mentoring scheme to gain knowledge and expertise and I will try to provide constructive feedback to peers who are relatively low performer than me. Not only this but also I will spend time talking with other people about their aspirations, the things they want to do better , the things they  would like to try out, the things they want to feedback on so that I could provide them an appropriate feedback at right time to improve their performance. I want to control my emotions applying different strategies for example taking part in different physical activities which provides relaxation or identify pressures that I can eliminate by planning my work differently or in different way. 

There are many things which I want to do differently. For example now I am an introvert but I want to be an outgoing rather than being shy and helpless and be adaptive even in completely new environment where all people are stranger for me. I want to deal calmly with stress and stay poised and positive, even in the difficult moments.

 As my goal is to be a CEO and a social worker I want to focus on different leadership  competencies and other ability like persuading, convincing others, goal management, performance management, passion, humor, empathy, general maturity, patience, wisdom, common sense, trustworthiness, reliability, creativity, and sensitivity. I can identify a role model who can inspire me and I can analyze the particular behaviors that I find inspiring and  try to use similar behaviors myself while performing some task or doing something or leading people.

Experimentation and practice

To try out the competencies, I can participate in different program, work shop and seminar related to leadership and management. I can participate and work in different social organization to improve my leadership trait and competencies. I can work in a team as a team leader even in a class room. I can identify a role model for me and analyze how he/she achieved his/her influence over others. Not only this but also I can talk to the people who are successful in leading other and ask them about their experience and feedback. In addition to this, I can participate in team work and help people to manage their conflict. I can be more optimistic and try to change the problem into opportunity being able to see something good in something problematic. I can try to manage the stress and be calm even in highly stressful situation so that my attitude towards the problem will be positive.

If I try out new behaviors, I feel like I am changing from within. My new action is targeted towards change which is essential for me to get closer to my ideal self. To successfully perform new behavior, I might have to abandon some of my old habits and accept new one.

The major consequence if I try out new behavior is development in overall personality which leads me towards my ideal self. The new behavior shapes my new habits which in turn make my life more precious and worth living and it will have positive impact on my performance within organization and society. It will have great positive impact on others too. Other people may benefit from personal and behavioral change which appears in me. I can be a role model to other people in the organization and in the society where I work and where I stay. Other people can learn from me and benefit from me.

Trusting relationships:

There are so many people who can help, support, and encourage me now and in the  future some of them are my family members, friends, peers, coworkers, tutor,  role model, public figure, and teacher. I can learn many things from the people who help, encourage, and support me. The most important one is that they can provide me feedback which is essential for any positive change in attitude and in behavior. Feedback provides direction to the behavioral change. Their help and suggestion is very much important for   me in behavior change.

What other people say and react is crucial for me as it provides me a right way and path. It is the other people around me who may be my family, peers, teacher or other who show me the right track while doing something new. I have to learn from them and ask them for feedback, help and support whenever necessary.

I need supportive, helpful and encouraging behavior from them. I expect feedback from them so that I could change my way if necessary. Whether I am doing good or bad, or whether I am performing well or I am performing poor is in great extent measure by these people around me. Whether I need some correction or not is also determine by them which is extremely important for me. Therefore I need and expect all these behavior from them which makes me confident and leads to the right path of success.

All my friends, family members, peers, coworkers, and other can learn from me and at the same time help me to learn new behavior. They are source of knowledge for me and I can be the source of knowledge for them as well. As learning is the two way process everyone can learn from each other in a group or in team. Learning is always effective in group or in team because corrective action and feedback is possible which provides and facilitates real learning and reduce the chance of mistake. I can ask for suggestion and feedback from them. They can observe my emotions which have great impact on my behavior. They can tell me about my strengths and about my weaknesses which is essential in learning process.

 In addition to this, I can observe how peers, colleagues or tutors respond to different behavior I do in different situation and I can also analyze how they react to my changing behavior. I can observe their attitude and see how they are evaluating my actions and shift in the behavior. It will be great feedback for me to analyze how I am doing and what will be its impact on others.


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