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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The article 'Personality Counts'

The article 'Personality Counts' is written by Steve Bates in the HR Magazine. This article mainly describes about the personality test to recruit right people to the right job. Matching personality with the required job has been increasing and most of the findings from the research show that the questionnaires laid in the personality test truly judge the human nature. There is the estimation that 40% of the employer's take the personality test to recruit employee in their organization.
The article also specifies to navigate the real personality test so that the right people can be hired. HR professionals should consider high money expenditures for qualitative assessments. A qualitative assessment is must because the cost may be higher with the turnover from the hiring of the wrong person to the realated job. But at the same time the test experts warn the HR professionals that the test may not be 100 % correct and cannot be guaranteed that the candidate is giving the true answers and they may hide their weaknesses with their personality test.
This article further describes about the successful implementation of the test assessment. It clarifies even in certain types of jobs, ideal personalities may vary. For instance, the test of the salesperson who struggled at making sales showed the worker might do better in customer-relation job, and the change was successful. Likewise, the successful change of the trial lawyer from a lawyer to a teacher. She was unaware that her personality better matches to be a teacher rather than a lawyer.
Despite of having many advantages of personality test in hiring, it has some limitations like if recruiter prioritized on such test then there is greater probability of having so many people of similar traits and characteristics which could lead to the poor performance of the organization.
 Furthermore the article discusses about the issues that if the company uses personality test before hiring anyone, then they have to take care and follow different laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Disabilities Act and Equal Opportunity Commission Act. Therefore, employer should not discriminate against any racial or ethnic group, invade privacy unnecessarily to respect the different laws and act.
Conclusively, the article summarizes the hiring practices based on personality test of the individuals. It also describes the drawbacks/limitations that may rise from the personality test that will directly effect upon the performance of the organization.

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