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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mixed Signals

The article Mixed Signals highlights the past and present trends on the  effort of controlling the act of sexual  orientation discrimination in the work place  by the state and by the private and public sectors.  Though, tremendous effort has been made by both the government and the business sectors, the adoption of the such legislation which bars sexual orientation discrimination in the work place, has slowed to a crawl in the recent years. Article further adds that the gays and lesbians are now accepted not only in the work place but also in the socity qas a whole though ther is no rapid progress in the lagislative change.
It can be infered from the article that lack of active collabaration between the activist and the lagislature to work together against sexual orientation behaviour is one of the main reason  for the slow movement in the legislative change. And, in addition to this, differnet social and religious group are in some extent responsible for sloggish change in the legilation.
In the recent years, it is seen that the companies are leading the way then the legislature to work against such discrimination. These companies are now working actively against such discrimination in the work place not because they want to do it rather thay are compelled to do so by the global change in social perspective and attitude towards the gays and lesbians.   In adddition to this, there are some other complicating factors in this stedy but low profile march toward discrimination-free workplaces because on the one hand gay and lesbian are demanding protection  against the discrimination based on gender identity but on the other hand it will be discrimination against transexuals-those who has gone through sex-change operation . and finally workpalce comprasing of gay, lesbian, transgender and even straight employee becoming complex day by day that it is very hard to manage sexual orintation discrimination in the workplace due to the complexity.
To control and manage the sexual orientation discrimination, article suggest that it has to be the two way process of employer and employee. Untill and unless the employer is not committed to educating  their employees about the gender related issues and until and unless the employees are not commited to working with the employer, such discrimination may go down qite easily.
In conclusion, best way to manage the gender based discrimination and sexual orientation in the work place is educating the managers , co-workers and  employees about the negative impact of such discriminations and creating awarness about why such sexual orientiation behaviour should be manage rather then creating a strict laws against such act in the work place and compelling individual employees to strictly follow the rules imposed by the laws.

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