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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Discuss the companies product line (s) For Stop & shop

1.    Discuss the companies product line (s)
For Stop & shop
·         Bakery: Cheese cakes, layer cakes, custom decorated cakes, Danish pastry, fresh European breads, Bagels and muffins.
·         Natural Foods: Milk, Shiloh farm breads, vegetables, fruits,   cord.
·         Deli: Cheese, butter, meats, salads.
·         Pet shop: Pet food for pet like Birds, Dogs, Cats.
·         Beauti: Shampoo, conditionor, cream, lotion, family care items, baby care items.
·         Home item: Detergent, shop, foods and other things.
For Shaw’s
·         Bakery: Breads and rolls, Bagels, Pastries and Donuts, Muffins, Cakes, Healthy sweets, pies, Decadent Dessert.
·         Daily usable foods: Vegetables, fruits, milk, juices, cord and soon.
·         Deli: Meats, Slicing Cheese, Salads, butter
·         Happy Tails: Pet foods for birds, dogs, and cats and other animals.
·         Home Central: Dishes and laundry pile up, cleaning things and other useful for home, beauty items and baby shop.
·         Wine Market: Variety of wine only in selected store of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont and some store of Massachusetts.
2.    Who does this company appeal to who are their customers?
People from all income level groups are the customers of Stop & shop and Shaw’s supermarket. However, they are appealing to middle and upper class people. Their products’ pricing strategy seems to be prestigious pricing which is definitely higher than price leadership companies. Both companies offer their own store level products and national brand products. All celebrities who are consider as upper income level people go there to buy their food and lower income level people who even do not have their own convenience and should take bus go there. In addition to this, they are targeting people from all around the world for example, Asian, Spanish, European and people from other countries.
3.    Discuss weather this company is a PL-OE-CI.
Stop & shop and Shaw’s supermarket both are customer Intimacy companies.  They care a lot about their customers. They believe on long term relationship with customers so they want to retain their customers long. Even though both companies largely depend on manufacturing products, they are considered service industry. They care about the services provided to customers. Their definition of the value received by customers carry huge portion of the services provided by them along with time spent by customers in their store to purchase and to pay bills. Stop & shop and Shaw’s for example, declare that information about their customers will not be given to any organization or any sources unless customers give permission.

4.    Place yourself in the role of customer and critique the “service delivery” this company to consumers.
Personally, I like Shaw’s than stop & shop. The food, specially fruits and vegetables are fresh in Shaw’s than in stop & shop. I have been visiting these two stores twice a week to check their services and the response given to the customers. I found that these two giant supermarkets provide almost the same services to their customers; however, they have very few employees to help customers. Employees give response and serve customers according to their dress up and makeup which is not fair to customers. Prices of foods and vegetables are almost similar except that some foods are cheaper in Shaw’s and some are in Stop & shop. The thing which I don’t like about these companies is that they give surfacial discount with card. Card system is good way to retain customers but those who visit the store very first time have to pay extra buck only because they don’t have card. 

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