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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love story ..."Matt"

Matt was walking out from shopping center after buying groceries from Super Market, somebody called him from behind. Matt turned around to see what’s going on. ”Your stuff”, a lady with a bag of cookies speaks softly. Oh yes! That’s mine. Mat replied.

(Matt forgot his cookies in the counter and she brought his cookies for him)

She came closer and handed him cookies. Matt thanked her.
 She smiled and replied looking in his eyes “You are welcome”.
Matt liked the ways she said welcome and loved those beautiful smiles. He watched her till she entered the shopping center. Before going inside, she turnaround and looked at him and waved her hands as if she is saying “good bye ‘’. He waved his hand in reply and murmur in his heart “you are so beautiful”.
After couple month, Matt was going for the job interview. He was a fresh graduate from business school so was applying for the post of entry level investment banker. He was already running late that day. His phone ringed. He picked up the phone and she was his aunt asking him to bring her a pack of cigarette. He saw a Grocery store right there on the corner of the store and just pull his car towards its parking lot. Matt went inside the store. Waited on the line for couple minutes and asked for Marbro light, which was his aunt’s brand. He handed the credit card to the cashier. Unfortunately cashier denied to take the card and humbly said that he just take cash no credit card.

“oh ok, never mine,” Matt replied and turnaround to go somewhere else because he didn’t had enough cash as he barely carries cash. But before he leaved the store, his eyes stopped somewhere. This is the second time he saw her. His heart starts beating faster and faster.  He was just starring at her.
 With her soft and polite voice she asked him, “what’s your cigarette”?
He confused.

She explained, “I want to buy a pack for you”.
 Matt was felling uncomfortable and said “It’s ok I will get it later”.
 But she insisted so Matt has no choice other than saying “Marbro Light”. After buying a cigarette they came out to the parking lot. She said she wanted to fill gas in her car.
She was pumping gas in her car…

Till she filled gas in her car, Mat stayed there and watched her.  He talks to himself. “You are so beautiful”. He kept watching her.  
She said, “I was thinking about you and I am glad that I meet you here”.  She interrupted him.  
He said, “You said you were thinking about me?”
Yes! She replied
Why? He asked
“I don’t know” she said
Her phone ringed. Oh it’s my dad. He is in hospital and I have to go now to get him medicine.  She started her car and left but before that she glanced him and said “I will wait for you tomorrow here”

Next day
Matt wake up early in the morning, he didn’t sleep whole night thinking about her. He was in love with her even though he didn’t know her properly.  At 10 am he went to the gas station because he forgot to ask her the time she is coming to see him.

(to be continue  on request of readers)

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